Monday, December 31, 2012


when the sun sets
over this glassy water
leaving its trail of burning gold,
to float, shimmering, on the edge of the world
it leaves behind its silver afterimage
hanging, luminous in the skies
don't get too close, or it will suck you in
but what a better way to go,
sipped sweetly by the moon?

a mystery, a kiss from a temptress
drinking you slowly
deadly, wayward nightmares
cello notes fading behind sorrows
the sun sets on our lives,
leaves behind what the night holds
walk in the moonlight, drink in the quiet chaos
these sounds, like prison bars, hold us in

when the moon rises
over this rippling lake
draws a path of molten silver,
settling upon the surface, flying through endless night
what sound is there in space?
all quiet flautists chirping, or whimsical siren song?

dancing softly in the clouds, overshadowed by stone
this love of midnight wanderings
of waltzes when the sky is clear
and rain patters a rhythm on the parched earth
we have so little time, these days of our lives
moments slipping by  in these darkened hours
where nothing sleeps, and the soft call of dawn goes unanswered

when stars flicker
to a medley of  notes, and soft weeping
holds us in, breaths us out
we are nothing
ashes on the breeze, or teardrops 'neath the mighty wave
humbled, and raised above - this song that holds us within our cage
walking in the night, stepping through the trees
a playground of sorrows, old wants and needs

fears flicker in the blue, upheld by soft whispers
and motes of time, dust in the air
I love you so.
forgotten, left behind, past the ages and eons
floating on the edge, casting a shadow of light
so far away, so close,
to dance within your arms again, misty fog entrapped,
to laugh by your side again,
for all that is forgotten, falls.

I am as if the angel,
left behind by that one most high
fallen, forgotten in the mists of time
this I say, not without regret;
you have given me this power-now i am free
to forget.

 (c) 2012/2013

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I cannot remember when i split the world in twain
stood back to watch as it rose again
like a phoenix flying and a dove in the air
fabrics of realities crying to make me whole...when
when the dreams of darkness weeping
and their tears of nightshade creeping from within the world again
this city's lights are flickering, flickering
searching for this wayward, windless plain
come back

I cannot remember when i split the world in twain
let it crumble to a cinder
watch it scream in pain, what ho, let this nightmare crumble
let this dream deny reality
what reality? what imagery
lets just sing the song of planets and create the world anew
a new age a new tear a new world we can share
what ho, what hey, nonny, nonny,
the world's lights are churning, blinking, upon the soundless plain
fabrics of universes tangled like bedsheets
tiny spinning swirls of threads, galaxies, hairs.

I cannot remember, last night or the one after, when the world lost, remains
i was blinking, crying, the woman in me, dying
and the city streets were laughing, the skinless creatures feasting
the city's veins pumping acid drugs into my skin
byways and worlds apart and between
this world burning cinders flaking off into my dream
nightmare or heaven, dream of hell,
the ninth cold circle tightens and the bonds of gravity
they let me go
and i tear the world in twain.

(c) 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012


dancing in a mote of rain
sweet rain, pomegranate rain, acid
shake and shimmy, jump and twirl
come now darling, I'm not a nice girl.

i can take what you have to give,
but i can do so much more
i'll drive you crazy
its a sad sort of love,
a slave to our rhythms

shake, shake, shake, girl 
shake your heart out
step to our beats and screaming in nighttime
high, low, high, low

tremble  in the rain
the soaking wetness
shimmy up, shimmy down
together under the clouds
in the unholy night
sinfully sweet.

(c) 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


your music makes me think of people
under flashing light, undulating
to a beat, a heartbeat, a whisper
a sigh in the strobe
colors and colors and sweat tinged air
whirling metal, leather, hair
tiny silks and flaunting thighs
hips dance to their own beat

your music makes me think of lust
of pheromones and perfumes
of that feeling when a breeze snakes through a hot room
tingling, tingling, a searing rush

love me, love me, love me then
in a dark room a light room
in a room of flashing colors

(c) 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Midnight Sin

goddess, i won't pray to your image
i won't pray in your name
i've seen you bucking naked on the sheets
you're not holy anymore

goddess don't ask me to 
you are a spirit in the same image, lost and wild
wanting wanting, cherub, wanting more

fuck you, goddess
with your panting prayers
and your midnight sins

fuck you, goddess
till your tears wet the ground and run into the sea
this sea of churning, constant pleasures

fuck you goddess
your hair tangled in the wind of your cries
such a sexual zealot
your god is your passion
you have nothing but your feelings

oh goddess

(c) 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012

Spitting Venom

spitting venom, venom, acid
into cornflower eyes, so blue, tears
tear me apart and flow graceless on
you're like a hurricane and i couldn't
you speak of lustless, hateful lies
you grind my bones to dust with words
fi, fie, fo, fum...
let me go, you'll never win
even when you think you've won
kisses cold and clammy on my lips
oft shuddered at in a darkness
spitting venom, venom, acid
crying, crying, you have no power
such a child, and older still
i did what i had to
cling, cling, wet cloth, and i'll peel you from my skin
you've tasted of a fruit you can never have
forbidden, forbidden, fie.
press your belief into my mind and it's rejected
you have no understanding of yourself
you're bitter, you're lonesome
you're full of hate
let go let god let a spoken word correct you
let bygones be bygones and open your mind

(c) 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012


marks on my skin
i don't mind the scars,
but if you look at me
i have no perfections

i'm a series of cracks
in an old sidewalk
i'm a livid contusion
in the eye of beauty
they say i have a lovely face
i see only the marks on it

mirror, mirror, on the wall,
i feel scarred
i feel small
mirror, mirror, standing there,
could you not have made me fair?

(c) 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012


a wrecking ball that grabs and tears
red hot, pulls from you
the instrument of your love
such pain, such pain
life is but a dream
what a society is this, was this
so cruel this crocodile,
but less so than others
so kind this iron maiden
she holds you sweetly,
sweetly, until her arms close
so sweet this relief
this unchaining
the agony of insanity lets you go
away from this world
there's nothing wrong with you
the falsely accused
caressed with the cat's paw till your heart breaks
never love cold iron
for it's only the hot, the red, the fiery
that will let you go

(c) 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012


a glance, those eyes, an open-air theater to our souls
the actors on the stage
miming emotion while spinning on the silks
screaming burning running to you
answer the question, answer the unspoken
the actors dance in a circle
singing ring around the roses, ashes, death
perhaps i can see them dance if i gaze long enough
i step so softly, this heartbeat rhythm in my ears
its a dance its a ritual its my pain
its like i'm walking on fire in shoes of steel
such elegance, such whimsey
we're spinning together in our eyes
its a glance that lasts a thousand years
but then it's over

(c) 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012


gentle fog, so cool and sweet
held within a dream like no other, holds me

I lie, beaded by the mist
a diamond-dusted form on golden leaves

dreams flit by in the shining, twilighted day,
made dim dusk by the lattice of vines, a bower for the dead

such sweet fantasies of summer, of rain

the fog clings with cold fingers
tiny vipers slither through my hair, hissing
it's a song, a celebration
I am complete

day, night, day, night
the stars glimmer above, a shining salutation to cold
such bones are these, so perfect, peaceful.

rimed with ice, silvered with time
my bones lie, beaded with rain, in summer
in the dim, dusky light, the breeze softly plays
catching and tossing scattered hairs

I dream of a foggy bower, a misty lover
a diamond-bright completion that wore me down
to silver bones in the misty, foggy dreamscape
in a vine-latticed bower.

(c) 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012


my mind
what happened here
its a turmoil and a fire
a far reaching blank
upside downside
what more can we ask
latin dancing on my cortex
up and down
whats that around the corner
sighs and sighs
leathery thoughts, blue twilight
smile for the camera
fractures and misrepresented clouds
where is my life, where is my life
caught and surrounded by this diamond light

(c) 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012


i wake up proud
proud to be alive, proud to be happy
there's been so much heartbreak here
so much sorrow

it's been years since i've felt this way
completed, gentled, crazy
and maybe its because
whenever i close my eyes,
i remember you

maybe its because
when i close my eyes
i see you laughing
when i dream
i dream of your smile

what love is this?
to stand tall and strong
through so much betrayal
what love is this?
this love i have for you

it's like an album i have on repeat
but each song, familiar, is new
your touch, your laugh
you mock me with your kindness
you mock me with your laugh

someday maybe,
someday far from the here, the now,
someday my dreams
will become my reality

someday i'll fall asleep
to the sound of your heart
in your arms

(c) 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


lets ask why
whats the problem, sugar?
oh my sweet
what's got you down?
grain by grain your joy
is trickling down the waterfall
dissolving into inertia
into everything

lets ask why
my bird, whats wrong?
your feathers are ruffled in discontent
you're free and your laugh is song
but whats wrong?
whats wrong?

lets ask why
my feelings are yours
my heart hurts and my eyes weep
my soul, my dear, my life
i haven't heard a peep
from your heart
from your lips

lets ask why
i feel so slow, so sad
i feel like i'm crying out with my mind
can you hear me my sweet?
can you hear me my love?
my dove?
can you hear me?

lets ask why
where are you
these tears are hot and fresh on my cheeks
my heart aches from misery
is it something from your history?
my darling
lets ask why

(c) 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012


hey, hey girl
take my hand
lets have the time of our lives
pick up our feet
pick up your feet
lets dance
its a dark night and the music's loud
such love-these beats make my heart sing
and my feet fly
come now darling!
breathe this air with me
lets sing with our motion
hold my hand
let me spin you, let me make you fly
turn baby turn
swish your hips and dance
show off doll
you're a graceful girl
let this beat carry you
carry you in my arms
lets fly
pick up your feet
let me spin you round and round
lets fly baby lets scream out to the world with motion
you have a song in your ears
a laugh in your throat
a smile on your lips
and a dance, this dance, trembling in your toes
lets fly

(c) 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012


turmoil of a gentle kind
maybe its a chaos of butterfly wings
like a heathen on a pyre
so what if there are screams and death
for what is there common sense
these norms chain us
lets be a cult of two
him. you.
one to stand at the stake
one to light the fire
singing praise god
singing praise god
singing praise god
cleansed, and the ash falls like snow
renewed. saved-
this pyre purifies
and this heathen
his sins are waived
praise god

(c) 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012


she walks gracefully
uncurling, dancing on the air
with the earth beneath her feet

she dances like  a sylph
pilfering the hearts from our breasts
she's a diva, she's a minx

she sings like an angel
pours her heart out in her voice
such sadness here
she's like a dynamo
she's erotic

she is the ultimate thief
she takes away our realities
replaces them with her own
such a sick and twisted mindscape
she'll laugh when we scream
she's magic

she has no conscience
she takes and takes and takes
raking us over the coals for giving

she has no name
but she beguiles us
she has no rhyme or reason
but she can
so she does  

she runs like the wind
she laughs like crystalline song
she's beautiful but she hates herself
she hates everything  that makes her desirable
she's a mystery
even to herself

she knows herself intimately,
and she knows herself figuratively
she is her own best friend
and her dreams are of passion's ashes

she knew what to say once
now she doesnt
now she's afraid to say
afraid to ask, afraid to know
but she desires knowledge
thirsts for it like water
she's too bold to be shy
too shy to be bold
she's a contradiction
she's erotic
she's a dancer

her words are cautious
and nobody knows who she really is
she's an enigma
an ethos
she's an influence on life
but she's afraid

she wishes she were beautiful
in mind as well as body
like the curling steam from a glass of jasmine tea
she wishes she were beautiful

she wants to be loved
not an object, not wanted
she's a seductress
she's sad

(c) 2012



walking through the grass
let this moment last
a fall morning, dewy webs
trees that whisper in the misty dawn
I walk, barefoot

there's a foggy scent to the air
an old-leaf scent
an end-of-summer smell

its a peaceful sort of longing
a sweeping, gentle, breath
often it reminds me
in a sad sort of way,
of summer's death

but all things past
have passed
but will they come again
or will they remain
a blushing springtime dalliance

thoughts of times gone
linger with the dew
under the eternal atmosphere

i whisper to the empty air
of hopes and wishes
if a single person heard me, perhaps.
perhaps it could happen

the dawn
it blushes
like a gentle innocent
and the dew is cold on my ankles

lying in the cradling branches of a tree
i dream softly, gazing at the clouds
the scarlet grey clouds

a spider lazily spins her web
and the fog kisses it gently
settling cool diamonds
on the tiny threads

(c) 2012


Thursday, September 20, 2012


in the shade
in the shadows' dappled grey
in the meandering of the wind
and the foggy light of dawn,

on the glassy rippled streams
of time and time and memory's words
there to ponder, pause and think
sit and weary

(c) 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


now about death
such a hodge podge of little words
no meaning but meaning much
blackness or light
brimstone or honey
differences and sameness

lets define it now
we live by living and die when thats over
we live by dying in a way
so lets run and dance and sing for the devil
we're going to die anyway

give me honey give me fire
give me light or deepest desire
i have no want for brightness or sweet
save the sweet sweet pain of lust
so lets dance for the devil
a vicious burlesque

have fun with a life of verve and sin
what more could we ask
but to live?

(c) 2012

    Thursday, September 13, 2012


    i ask not for forgiveness
    for i have but liv'd as i saw fit
    but i ask only one thing
    and let that be all
    one thing, one wish, one cry

    these dreams of red, of blood and death
    oh lawd i have but one wish
    oh lawd i am a hardened sinner
    oh lawd i have sinned

    this life of mine
    from birth to breath
    has been one sin at a heartbeat
     has been but a hell upon this world

    until a face until a breath until a word
    what word but my name
    what breath but yours
    but your face
    is hidden in my mind

    oh lawd i have one wish
    one thing, one cry
    oh lawd i have sinned
    and lawd, i do not regret
    for each sin had its purpose
    and to us you gave free will
    oh lawd i have one wish

    one wish one wish
    praise be to dreams
    for what hope do we have in reality

    oh lawd this is my wish
    that his memory is but a reality
    a love i cannot obtain
    but still desire
    oh lawd this is my wish
    to desire and recieve
    for this love is long waiting
    caged and ne'er freed
    oh lawd grant me this wish
    this hope this dream this plea
    oh lawd

    (c) 2012


    Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    Angel Demon

    when the devil plays the piano
    when the devil sings
    and cries, this monster, fabled
    sheds brimstone tears
    or maybe he has been, himself, decieved
    falling from grace
    he was god's best friend

    betrayal, what betrayal
    who's betrayed
    who was the perpitrator of this fall from grace

    was it him was it him who could it be

    who is crying while the devil sings

    this haunting hurtful melody
    angel, demon
    each weep tears of golden fire

    lucifer, your piano is burning
    the keys are melting, the strings are blackened
    what music now but damned wailing

    (c) 2012

    Sunday, September 2, 2012

    Street Thoughts

    the streets, lit by soft halogen glow
    lined in apartments, houses,
    old and new
    the people march through their lives

    the softly dim back alleys
    empty and foreboding
    trodden warily, even in daylight
    it's like a hungry beast,
    shadowy, waiting to snap you up

    they're like capillaries, venules
    taking and giving
    people are the lifeblood
    moving, moving, it's like an anthill

    runs down the streets and thoroughfares
    tracked on the shoes of countless beings
    the wings of pidgeons beat a heavy staccato
    counting steps and seconds,

    the sea lingers here, by the shoreline
    under the bridge, there are people
    old or young
    they're the poisoned, they're the beggars
    hopeless masses

    there's a shimmery dimness, collected on the sidewalks
    a frosty dimness, a chilly, sparkling, dimness
    it sets an ache to the bones
    these thousands of footprints, phosphorescent in midnight
    gleam wetly in the sea-mist

    its raining here, and the rain is splashing a tune
    the clouds are black below a sky that reflects
    the colors of the universe
    the rain is washing the sidewalks
    washing the buildings and the passing cars

    it will disappear with the dawn
    it will leave behind the scent of old petrol and wet concrete
    city scents
    street thoughts

    (c) 2012

    Tuesday, August 28, 2012


     I am alive and my heart is my holocaust
    I am alive and my tears are my fire
     I am alive and my mind is learning
    I am alive but not free
     where is my redemption? where is my life?
    where are my dreams, my struggles, my strife?
     where have they gone, like mist in the sun
    where have they fled to, like water to the sea
     where have they taken root, like forest or glen
    where and how and when?
     I'm old and bent, broken and young
    no years and no cares crease my brow
     wild scents and wild tastes
    wild homes and wild haste
     I am alive and my heart is my holocaust
    I am alive and my tears are my fire
     I am alive but not living
    I am alive, learning and growing
     when can i fly free?
    my redemption for sins not committed
     my redemption for a life half lived
    redemption, redemption, a fool's invention
     to keep the life-starved from being free
    live, live, and truly live
     live on love and adrenaline
    pass me by, my redemption, pass me by
     not a fool shall I be
    hence redemption, hence
     fly, fool, from me
    I'll take my sins
     I'll keep them close
    they're mine and mine alone
     I'll take my wrongs and broken hearts
    and I'll bury them in loam
     for I am alive and I have free will
    and redemption just isn't for me
     I love my cares, my sorrow and sin
    my dreams and adrenalin
     redeem me.

    (c) 2012

    Sunday, August 26, 2012


    tiny droplets
    on a large leaf
    trickle, growing as they
    run, until a tiny river
    rushes at a rosebush's roots
    swift and raging
    growing ever larger
    shrinking,  growing 


    it is a sad day
    it is a sorrow, a pall
    hanging over
    around and above


    simple steps that flow
    as if water


    lithe and animal
    small, insipid

    a grace of language
    to speak not of treachery
    it is a day of latin

    it is a day of sadness
    a day of thought
    it is  a day of recollection


    it is a day filled with syrup
    move slowly
    with gentle

    (c) 2012

    Friday, August 24, 2012


    hide. run. go.

    leave this place
    of immaculate sorrow

    your tears allow me to follow
    past banks of cells
    crowded with fetid life
    these prisoners, memories.

    let go, let god, let grief.

    you're trapped in your mind
    ancient and alone

    i can track you by the handprints on the walls
    by the staggering footfalls

    let go, let go, let go.

    its all over
    everything has changed
    etherial and consuming, translated from old years
    a gesture, a sound

    lock them away girl
    lock them away
    they only do you danger
    step from the bars

    places you've been
    single fragments of images
    locked away

    run girl, run
    leave this place, go
    i'll watch over you.

    fields of lillies
    cosmos and roses

    faint strains of bach
    of beethoven and celestial singing

    wake up.

    (c) 2012

    Morning Star

    you laid in wait for the devil
    he's coming to take his due
    flesh and bones and soul, he'll take you
    and you'll be dust in the bowels of hell

    so look out brother!
    so look out sister!
    devil's a-coming to claim his due
    so look out mother!
    so look out father!
    the devil's a-coming for you
    so look out!

    young and old,
    forgotten joys and sins
    taste the apple, babe!
    sweet as love but half as painful
    tempted yet?

    come into my garden
    sample its weary fruit
    come into my garden, lover
    and wait for the devil

    he's coming, he's coming,
    falling like a star
    weary angel
    taste of my apple, darling
    set a trap for the devil

    (c) 2012

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012


    you are a confusion
    a kiss a touch
    your honor gets in they way-
    i just want
    and want
    and you're not helping

    why are you such a fluttering wisp?
    a genteel aristocratic folly.

    maybe i want you
    and maybe i've told you
    you just don't hear me
    but you kissed me like you knew

    you want me to look for better
    someone who's not fucked up
    someone who's not you

    maybe i could do better
    but your touch lit a fire
    and now i can't unfeel this burn
    its up to you, but you know what i want

    so choose.

    (c) 2012

    Sunday, August 19, 2012


    Standing on a cliff
    On a bluff by the sea
    Where we once stood together
    Now its just me
    The wind whips my hair
    To bind it into knots
    The sting of salt
    My own bitter memories
    Coursing down my cheeks as tears
    Mingle with the ocean’s spray
    When you left I was lost
    Wandering, a hermit-
    Now freed, I have grounded again
    Still I remember you
    And your sweet scent-
    Cinnamon and lilies
    When you left it faded,
    Naught but memory
    Still you haunt me,
    Ghost of my past-and I regret
    I regret that kiss, that yes
    I regret those hours
    I regret you most of all
    You wooed me to cast  me aside
    Broken hearted
    Ashes blown by a frisky wind
    I knew you only as long as we dated
    Two months.
    Yet you left your mark
    In half-remembered phrases
    And a scar on my knee
    In the simple words ‘I love you’
    I taste the sea
    I taste your lies
    In chamomile and coriander
    I taste your truth
    In clary sage and pepper
    I taste the broken heart you left me with
    In copper and sorrow
    You wore a mask to hide your cruelty
    A mask of kind eyes and soft hands
    A mask of empty promises
    Illusions, broken, shattered with a word
    A phrase, a sentence, an avowal now annulled
    It seems you have forgotten me
    To nestle within the trusting heart of another
    We were over long ago
    But sometimes I still remember
    And then I taste chamomile
    The kisses of the waves
    The tender caress of salt
    My cure
    My angel of mercy
    It washes the flavor of you from my tongue
    I surface, healed
    The warm rays of sunshine
    Hold promise of new joy
    The sweetness of summertime
    Washes away cold winter
    The last hint of clary sage and copper
    Gives way to pomegranate and euphoria
    And I am sorrowful no more
    These ashes have coalesced
    And you are but a memory.

    (c) 2012 Marlo Fleek


    Oft I glance through glass
    To see the gray-lit world
    Soft cloud throws cold drops
    In waves
    In sheets
    In pounding brilliance
    When caught by sunlight
    They throw tiny rainbows that paint my hair
    Plastered to my skull,
    In a thousand different hues

    (c) 2012 Marlo Fleek


    Emotions are stopped up
    To be released
    One day
    Far from now
    In a rush of pounding grief
    Or a wash of joy
    Euphoria or duress
    Time and time again there is none,
    No time
    No time for tears
    No time to cry
    No time to feel
    Why, please ask
    Take me to task for what
    For what I have done
    For what has happened
    Or what will
    Do you understand my emotion
    Or express your own
    Have you ever
    Woken weeping
    Face slick with salty water
    Dripping warm from your eyes
    Lashes cling together
    Bound with this aqua vitae
    This expression of life

    (c) 2012 Marlo Fleek


    Deep, sheltered far beneath the layers
    Called skin, muscle and bone
    Protected, enshrouded
    Safe in your home
    Chained in the crevasse where once…
    Where once upon a time blood moved swift
    Dancing in time to the beat of a heart
    Swirling red as a cloak of scarlet
    Tapping rhythm of feet on a dance-floor
    Breathe in and calm
    This frantic horse-race
    Pounding in your breast
    Enshrouded, you lie chained
    Wrapped in this pulsating, red flesh
    Close your eyes and breathe
    Watch through my orbits
    Cool your flame and control
    This ardor, this bright,
    This summertime of desirous pulse
    Lit like asbestos touched with a match
    Gentle this river
    Of living crimson
    Your heart-womb in its expansion
    Contraction, amiable and indifferent
    Pressing this hot kinship
    Haemal rushing
    Ripping, roaring- tearing- eating
    Life-you consume me
    In blazing glory, vainglorious muse,
    Glistening sunshine dapples on the scarlet sheen
    Life to live and live again lost beneath
    The roaring rage of torrential love
    This flood of emotion, lit by
    Amber sunlight dripping from lilies
    The completion of existence…

    (c) 2012 Marlo Fleek


    Crystal drops of effervescent reality-simple pleasures,
    Like watching the droplets fall
    In shining, shimmering, sinful rain
    Their caress a lover’s lips against warm skin
    Cool and damp
    They send shivers down your spine
    Alighting with the weight of fragile moths
    To roll down your dimpled cheek in drops like tears
    Tears of ecstasy, euphoria, pleasure or pain
    They fall winking in the gray light
    Pattering onto the asphalt
    Splashing sweetly into rivulets and sun into the sea
    Glimmering dully like diamonds that are still half coal

    (c) 2012 Marlo Fleek

    Bottle Glass

    Simply perfect
    but never so
    strayed from paths
    of broken glass and bloody knives
    to easy roads of coals
    and lapping flame
    to be without
    that simple comfort of your smile
    drags hot ash
    and broken dreams
    down throats of steel
    and chaff blown by the wind
    in lipid greens and tawdry blues
    from the maw of some fabulous beast
    mixes with clouds of sooty vapor
    that stinks of smoke and pale moors in the rain
    you bathe in clear mercury
    under a synthetic sky
    trilling your birdsong endlessly as you burn
    the fire so cold it melts your bones
    its kisses leaving you a quivery mass
    hollowed out-an empty shell
    this hell is your nirvana
    this world we could share
    if only the glassy roads would cut less at the soles
    of my gravel-toughened feet
    if only the fire would not burn so
    if only
    if only
    if only you would break the circle
    we would be free
    and our fire's kisses would consume
    what humanity is left
    and we would join the ravening horde of pale, bloody
    fiends woven of those bottle-glass dreams
    and shattered desires that overflow
    and torrent in a stream
    we are forsaken

    (c) 2012  Marlo Fleek