Monday, October 22, 2012


a wrecking ball that grabs and tears
red hot, pulls from you
the instrument of your love
such pain, such pain
life is but a dream
what a society is this, was this
so cruel this crocodile,
but less so than others
so kind this iron maiden
she holds you sweetly,
sweetly, until her arms close
so sweet this relief
this unchaining
the agony of insanity lets you go
away from this world
there's nothing wrong with you
the falsely accused
caressed with the cat's paw till your heart breaks
never love cold iron
for it's only the hot, the red, the fiery
that will let you go

(c) 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012


a glance, those eyes, an open-air theater to our souls
the actors on the stage
miming emotion while spinning on the silks
screaming burning running to you
answer the question, answer the unspoken
the actors dance in a circle
singing ring around the roses, ashes, death
perhaps i can see them dance if i gaze long enough
i step so softly, this heartbeat rhythm in my ears
its a dance its a ritual its my pain
its like i'm walking on fire in shoes of steel
such elegance, such whimsey
we're spinning together in our eyes
its a glance that lasts a thousand years
but then it's over

(c) 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012


gentle fog, so cool and sweet
held within a dream like no other, holds me

I lie, beaded by the mist
a diamond-dusted form on golden leaves

dreams flit by in the shining, twilighted day,
made dim dusk by the lattice of vines, a bower for the dead

such sweet fantasies of summer, of rain

the fog clings with cold fingers
tiny vipers slither through my hair, hissing
it's a song, a celebration
I am complete

day, night, day, night
the stars glimmer above, a shining salutation to cold
such bones are these, so perfect, peaceful.

rimed with ice, silvered with time
my bones lie, beaded with rain, in summer
in the dim, dusky light, the breeze softly plays
catching and tossing scattered hairs

I dream of a foggy bower, a misty lover
a diamond-bright completion that wore me down
to silver bones in the misty, foggy dreamscape
in a vine-latticed bower.

(c) 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012


my mind
what happened here
its a turmoil and a fire
a far reaching blank
upside downside
what more can we ask
latin dancing on my cortex
up and down
whats that around the corner
sighs and sighs
leathery thoughts, blue twilight
smile for the camera
fractures and misrepresented clouds
where is my life, where is my life
caught and surrounded by this diamond light

(c) 2012