Monday, December 31, 2012


when the sun sets
over this glassy water
leaving its trail of burning gold,
to float, shimmering, on the edge of the world
it leaves behind its silver afterimage
hanging, luminous in the skies
don't get too close, or it will suck you in
but what a better way to go,
sipped sweetly by the moon?

a mystery, a kiss from a temptress
drinking you slowly
deadly, wayward nightmares
cello notes fading behind sorrows
the sun sets on our lives,
leaves behind what the night holds
walk in the moonlight, drink in the quiet chaos
these sounds, like prison bars, hold us in

when the moon rises
over this rippling lake
draws a path of molten silver,
settling upon the surface, flying through endless night
what sound is there in space?
all quiet flautists chirping, or whimsical siren song?

dancing softly in the clouds, overshadowed by stone
this love of midnight wanderings
of waltzes when the sky is clear
and rain patters a rhythm on the parched earth
we have so little time, these days of our lives
moments slipping by  in these darkened hours
where nothing sleeps, and the soft call of dawn goes unanswered

when stars flicker
to a medley of  notes, and soft weeping
holds us in, breaths us out
we are nothing
ashes on the breeze, or teardrops 'neath the mighty wave
humbled, and raised above - this song that holds us within our cage
walking in the night, stepping through the trees
a playground of sorrows, old wants and needs

fears flicker in the blue, upheld by soft whispers
and motes of time, dust in the air
I love you so.
forgotten, left behind, past the ages and eons
floating on the edge, casting a shadow of light
so far away, so close,
to dance within your arms again, misty fog entrapped,
to laugh by your side again,
for all that is forgotten, falls.

I am as if the angel,
left behind by that one most high
fallen, forgotten in the mists of time
this I say, not without regret;
you have given me this power-now i am free
to forget.

 (c) 2012/2013

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I cannot remember when i split the world in twain
stood back to watch as it rose again
like a phoenix flying and a dove in the air
fabrics of realities crying to make me whole...when
when the dreams of darkness weeping
and their tears of nightshade creeping from within the world again
this city's lights are flickering, flickering
searching for this wayward, windless plain
come back

I cannot remember when i split the world in twain
let it crumble to a cinder
watch it scream in pain, what ho, let this nightmare crumble
let this dream deny reality
what reality? what imagery
lets just sing the song of planets and create the world anew
a new age a new tear a new world we can share
what ho, what hey, nonny, nonny,
the world's lights are churning, blinking, upon the soundless plain
fabrics of universes tangled like bedsheets
tiny spinning swirls of threads, galaxies, hairs.

I cannot remember, last night or the one after, when the world lost, remains
i was blinking, crying, the woman in me, dying
and the city streets were laughing, the skinless creatures feasting
the city's veins pumping acid drugs into my skin
byways and worlds apart and between
this world burning cinders flaking off into my dream
nightmare or heaven, dream of hell,
the ninth cold circle tightens and the bonds of gravity
they let me go
and i tear the world in twain.

(c) 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012


dancing in a mote of rain
sweet rain, pomegranate rain, acid
shake and shimmy, jump and twirl
come now darling, I'm not a nice girl.

i can take what you have to give,
but i can do so much more
i'll drive you crazy
its a sad sort of love,
a slave to our rhythms

shake, shake, shake, girl 
shake your heart out
step to our beats and screaming in nighttime
high, low, high, low

tremble  in the rain
the soaking wetness
shimmy up, shimmy down
together under the clouds
in the unholy night
sinfully sweet.

(c) 2012