Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 I am alive and my heart is my holocaust
I am alive and my tears are my fire
 I am alive and my mind is learning
I am alive but not free
 where is my redemption? where is my life?
where are my dreams, my struggles, my strife?
 where have they gone, like mist in the sun
where have they fled to, like water to the sea
 where have they taken root, like forest or glen
where and how and when?
 I'm old and bent, broken and young
no years and no cares crease my brow
 wild scents and wild tastes
wild homes and wild haste
 I am alive and my heart is my holocaust
I am alive and my tears are my fire
 I am alive but not living
I am alive, learning and growing
 when can i fly free?
my redemption for sins not committed
 my redemption for a life half lived
redemption, redemption, a fool's invention
 to keep the life-starved from being free
live, live, and truly live
 live on love and adrenaline
pass me by, my redemption, pass me by
 not a fool shall I be
hence redemption, hence
 fly, fool, from me
I'll take my sins
 I'll keep them close
they're mine and mine alone
 I'll take my wrongs and broken hearts
and I'll bury them in loam
 for I am alive and I have free will
and redemption just isn't for me
 I love my cares, my sorrow and sin
my dreams and adrenalin
 redeem me.

(c) 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012


tiny droplets
on a large leaf
trickle, growing as they
run, until a tiny river
rushes at a rosebush's roots
swift and raging
growing ever larger
shrinking,  growing 


it is a sad day
it is a sorrow, a pall
hanging over
around and above


simple steps that flow
as if water


lithe and animal
small, insipid

a grace of language
to speak not of treachery
it is a day of latin

it is a day of sadness
a day of thought
it is  a day of recollection


it is a day filled with syrup
move slowly
with gentle

(c) 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012


hide. run. go.

leave this place
of immaculate sorrow

your tears allow me to follow
past banks of cells
crowded with fetid life
these prisoners, memories.

let go, let god, let grief.

you're trapped in your mind
ancient and alone

i can track you by the handprints on the walls
by the staggering footfalls

let go, let go, let go.

its all over
everything has changed
etherial and consuming, translated from old years
a gesture, a sound

lock them away girl
lock them away
they only do you danger
step from the bars

places you've been
single fragments of images
locked away

run girl, run
leave this place, go
i'll watch over you.

fields of lillies
cosmos and roses

faint strains of bach
of beethoven and celestial singing

wake up.

(c) 2012

Morning Star

you laid in wait for the devil
he's coming to take his due
flesh and bones and soul, he'll take you
and you'll be dust in the bowels of hell

so look out brother!
so look out sister!
devil's a-coming to claim his due
so look out mother!
so look out father!
the devil's a-coming for you
so look out!

young and old,
forgotten joys and sins
taste the apple, babe!
sweet as love but half as painful
tempted yet?

come into my garden
sample its weary fruit
come into my garden, lover
and wait for the devil

he's coming, he's coming,
falling like a star
weary angel
taste of my apple, darling
set a trap for the devil

(c) 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


you are a confusion
a kiss a touch
your honor gets in they way-
i just want
and want
and you're not helping

why are you such a fluttering wisp?
a genteel aristocratic folly.

maybe i want you
and maybe i've told you
you just don't hear me
but you kissed me like you knew

you want me to look for better
someone who's not fucked up
someone who's not you

maybe i could do better
but your touch lit a fire
and now i can't unfeel this burn
its up to you, but you know what i want

so choose.

(c) 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Standing on a cliff
On a bluff by the sea
Where we once stood together
Now its just me
The wind whips my hair
To bind it into knots
The sting of salt
My own bitter memories
Coursing down my cheeks as tears
Mingle with the ocean’s spray
When you left I was lost
Wandering, a hermit-
Now freed, I have grounded again
Still I remember you
And your sweet scent-
Cinnamon and lilies
When you left it faded,
Naught but memory
Still you haunt me,
Ghost of my past-and I regret
I regret that kiss, that yes
I regret those hours
I regret you most of all
You wooed me to cast  me aside
Broken hearted
Ashes blown by a frisky wind
I knew you only as long as we dated
Two months.
Yet you left your mark
In half-remembered phrases
And a scar on my knee
In the simple words ‘I love you’
I taste the sea
I taste your lies
In chamomile and coriander
I taste your truth
In clary sage and pepper
I taste the broken heart you left me with
In copper and sorrow
You wore a mask to hide your cruelty
A mask of kind eyes and soft hands
A mask of empty promises
Illusions, broken, shattered with a word
A phrase, a sentence, an avowal now annulled
It seems you have forgotten me
To nestle within the trusting heart of another
We were over long ago
But sometimes I still remember
And then I taste chamomile
The kisses of the waves
The tender caress of salt
My cure
My angel of mercy
It washes the flavor of you from my tongue
I surface, healed
The warm rays of sunshine
Hold promise of new joy
The sweetness of summertime
Washes away cold winter
The last hint of clary sage and copper
Gives way to pomegranate and euphoria
And I am sorrowful no more
These ashes have coalesced
And you are but a memory.

(c) 2012 Marlo Fleek


Oft I glance through glass
To see the gray-lit world
Soft cloud throws cold drops
In waves
In sheets
In pounding brilliance
When caught by sunlight
They throw tiny rainbows that paint my hair
Plastered to my skull,
In a thousand different hues

(c) 2012 Marlo Fleek


Emotions are stopped up
To be released
One day
Far from now
In a rush of pounding grief
Or a wash of joy
Euphoria or duress
Time and time again there is none,
No time
No time for tears
No time to cry
No time to feel
Why, please ask
Take me to task for what
For what I have done
For what has happened
Or what will
Do you understand my emotion
Or express your own
Have you ever
Woken weeping
Face slick with salty water
Dripping warm from your eyes
Lashes cling together
Bound with this aqua vitae
This expression of life

(c) 2012 Marlo Fleek


Deep, sheltered far beneath the layers
Called skin, muscle and bone
Protected, enshrouded
Safe in your home
Chained in the crevasse where once…
Where once upon a time blood moved swift
Dancing in time to the beat of a heart
Swirling red as a cloak of scarlet
Tapping rhythm of feet on a dance-floor
Breathe in and calm
This frantic horse-race
Pounding in your breast
Enshrouded, you lie chained
Wrapped in this pulsating, red flesh
Close your eyes and breathe
Watch through my orbits
Cool your flame and control
This ardor, this bright,
This summertime of desirous pulse
Lit like asbestos touched with a match
Gentle this river
Of living crimson
Your heart-womb in its expansion
Contraction, amiable and indifferent
Pressing this hot kinship
Haemal rushing
Ripping, roaring- tearing- eating
Life-you consume me
In blazing glory, vainglorious muse,
Glistening sunshine dapples on the scarlet sheen
Life to live and live again lost beneath
The roaring rage of torrential love
This flood of emotion, lit by
Amber sunlight dripping from lilies
The completion of existence…

(c) 2012 Marlo Fleek


Crystal drops of effervescent reality-simple pleasures,
Like watching the droplets fall
In shining, shimmering, sinful rain
Their caress a lover’s lips against warm skin
Cool and damp
They send shivers down your spine
Alighting with the weight of fragile moths
To roll down your dimpled cheek in drops like tears
Tears of ecstasy, euphoria, pleasure or pain
They fall winking in the gray light
Pattering onto the asphalt
Splashing sweetly into rivulets and sun into the sea
Glimmering dully like diamonds that are still half coal

(c) 2012 Marlo Fleek

Bottle Glass

Simply perfect
but never so
strayed from paths
of broken glass and bloody knives
to easy roads of coals
and lapping flame
to be without
that simple comfort of your smile
drags hot ash
and broken dreams
down throats of steel
and chaff blown by the wind
in lipid greens and tawdry blues
from the maw of some fabulous beast
mixes with clouds of sooty vapor
that stinks of smoke and pale moors in the rain
you bathe in clear mercury
under a synthetic sky
trilling your birdsong endlessly as you burn
the fire so cold it melts your bones
its kisses leaving you a quivery mass
hollowed out-an empty shell
this hell is your nirvana
this world we could share
if only the glassy roads would cut less at the soles
of my gravel-toughened feet
if only the fire would not burn so
if only
if only
if only you would break the circle
we would be free
and our fire's kisses would consume
what humanity is left
and we would join the ravening horde of pale, bloody
fiends woven of those bottle-glass dreams
and shattered desires that overflow
and torrent in a stream
we are forsaken

(c) 2012  Marlo Fleek