Tuesday, November 20, 2012


your music makes me think of people
under flashing light, undulating
to a beat, a heartbeat, a whisper
a sigh in the strobe
colors and colors and sweat tinged air
whirling metal, leather, hair
tiny silks and flaunting thighs
hips dance to their own beat

your music makes me think of lust
of pheromones and perfumes
of that feeling when a breeze snakes through a hot room
tingling, tingling, a searing rush

love me, love me, love me then
in a dark room a light room
in a room of flashing colors

(c) 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Midnight Sin

goddess, i won't pray to your image
i won't pray in your name
i've seen you bucking naked on the sheets
you're not holy anymore

goddess don't ask me to 
you are a spirit in the same image, lost and wild
wanting wanting, cherub, wanting more

fuck you, goddess
with your panting prayers
and your midnight sins

fuck you, goddess
till your tears wet the ground and run into the sea
this sea of churning, constant pleasures

fuck you goddess
your hair tangled in the wind of your cries
such a sexual zealot
your god is your passion
you have nothing but your feelings

oh goddess

(c) 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012

Spitting Venom

spitting venom, venom, acid
into cornflower eyes, so blue, tears
tear me apart and flow graceless on
you're like a hurricane and i couldn't
you speak of lustless, hateful lies
you grind my bones to dust with words
fi, fie, fo, fum...
let me go, you'll never win
even when you think you've won
kisses cold and clammy on my lips
oft shuddered at in a darkness
spitting venom, venom, acid
crying, crying, you have no power
such a child, and older still
i did what i had to
cling, cling, wet cloth, and i'll peel you from my skin
you've tasted of a fruit you can never have
forbidden, forbidden, fie.
press your belief into my mind and it's rejected
you have no understanding of yourself
you're bitter, you're lonesome
you're full of hate
let go let god let a spoken word correct you
let bygones be bygones and open your mind

(c) 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012


marks on my skin
i don't mind the scars,
but if you look at me
i have no perfections

i'm a series of cracks
in an old sidewalk
i'm a livid contusion
in the eye of beauty
they say i have a lovely face
i see only the marks on it

mirror, mirror, on the wall,
i feel scarred
i feel small
mirror, mirror, standing there,
could you not have made me fair?

(c) 2012