Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sky Child

gazing at stars
with laughter
the tender sigh of contentment
of you, lover, nestled close
strong arms
the worn pages of a favorite book
the soft notes of a good song
the memory of those smiling eyes
and the touch of hope
these notions
caught in the scent of incense
with a hint of cedar
you remind me of stars
the sky, a sky child
blinking fascination
your pages draw my eyes

i feel infinity
these notions of ever onward
catching, holding, silence evaporates
some things to notice
the old barges on the water
how the wet sand smells
cold cherries and ignoring stop signs
laughter, unhurried forward motion
wet roses in the late night air
driving too fast
just to see the world go by, and you sooner,
i confess.

(c) 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015


We are in infinite flux
Or perhaps dreaming
Our cells dividing
Life continuing on with nothing left
With nothing left to dream of,
Yet still we dream
Our philosophies crumbling
Continually building on themselves
Even as they succumb to change
These infinitudes of fluctuation
Carry us aloft
We are naught but creatures
Caught in a maelstrom
Tossing, turning, helpless in the tide
I feel infinite.

(c) 2015

Monday, June 15, 2015

Blue Kisses

kisses that linger on my skin
soft, pale lights,
effervescent, aglow
tenderness untold, awoken
feather kisses, softness
you hold me with simplicity
genuine, honesty, favorite place to be
sweetest thoughts
i am myself with all i am
remaining unafraid
my soul is safe
in kisses still lingering on my skin
and the pale light of dawn
i am effervescing within this

(C) 2015