Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mia Bella

i want to tell you something
a word, perhaps a monologue
i want to tell you a story, of the day i fell in love
i was sitting in a coffee shop
a tiny, gorgeous coffee shop
waiting for an old friend i'd never met
a tall willow goddess, kissed by fire
i never thought i could, but hey i did
it just took a kiss, sitting on a ledge
over water and listening to a wish on the air
i could always breathe with you, i always can
in the morning, you sigh and smile like
it's your first day on earth
with you i can gentle my heart, when you make me wild
you give me my glory days
and i can only try to return them in kind
i was drinking nothing, too scared to sip
i saw your eyes, your blushing smile
i'd waited so long
all i wanted, in that second
was to kiss you on the first of may, with ribbons in your hair
you make me sing again, and dance in the rain
make my heart heal - i had too much pain
nowadays i don't remember
the terrors in the night, not when you're near me
i would spend the days of my life with you
the years of my heart's beating thrum
i've fallen, moth to a flame
gods above you give me a reason, a reason to live
days and nights sleepless, words and thousands of words
you know me better than i know myself
and i love the picture you've painted
i would give you the sweetest dreams, darling
until the day we fall into the cold, hard ground
and plant bloodred tulips on our grave

(c) 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Waves of...

there was no beginning
no ending near in sight, simple continuation
a road on and on until the completion
spaced evenly-the road signs
tell you stay, go, stop, no...
until they all fall down
a breath of what could be
if all the world could cry
tears like an ocean, or the ocean like tears
waves of sorrow
for the beginning's end
and what could never be

(c) 2013