Friday, December 19, 2014

Black Eyed Queen

razor blades and daisy chains
and people stop and stare
at the girl in the black dress
lying on the spiral stairs

who is that girl you never noticed before?
what was her name?
what made her smile?
truly smile, not that Mona Lisa grin?
let the show begin

there were tiny monsters in her dreams
tiny, ageless fears with sallow skin
the low light gave them freedom
to hunt this harlequin girl

it's kill or be killed in the midnight dawn
it's rage and hopelessness
there is no discipline in this empty plane
just bad synth music and operatic failure
tell your stories to the clouds
and no one will notice the tears

you can only be empty for so long
before the world fills you up
with passion, ashes, bitterness and fear
with love and life and dreams
with love, the night glimmers

stars have no place in a world without hope
constellations gazing down at a girl without direction
the moon can watch her footsteps
and hide her sins
but the last light leaves her alone again

hello stranger, hiding in the alley
how did you come to see me?

who is that girl?
what was her name?
what hid behind her Mona Lisa grin?
why did she walk with no direction?
when did she start existing?
let the show begin

she bowed before majesty
she walked among twilit roses
she gave grace to the fears of men and children
she woke alone and slept with thousands
she existed in their dreams
she was the queen with black eyes

she's lying on a spiral staircase
and nobody thinks she's a stranger now
her body on display
did she deserve it?
did she ask for it?
did she want it?

(c) 2014