Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I remember
I remember all the days
Spent watching
Counting train cars
Passing the moments with
Broken motions
Simple times
None of this complicated eroticism
Just me and the stars

I remember the days
Picking the prettiest shards
Of beach glass
While the waves crash
And the search for agates on the shoreline

I remember the tiny moments
Where hands met
And the silence broke
With laughing at the simple things
Drunk on misbegotten life
When mischief was the only way
To put emotion into moments
In this solitude

I remember the sweet things
When the cavalry came
To march the past along
And the waves sounded like footsteps
And the pages of books
Were the only friends you needed
And dreams of quicksand
Were the only devilry

Now look at me.

I remember.

(c) 2015