Monday, September 15, 2014

Witching Hour Dance

well now the war is here
say grace, hold on tight
we're all going to hell
might as well make it worth our while

we're all going to hell
trip trapping feet on a floor
dancing our way to the torment for sins untold
nobody's perfect

dying, asking, dreaming of heaven
i do so love to dance
you're my valentine and
we're dying

the questions we ask
of why and how and when
when we should be asking should we?
caring and desires
all pale when you think
the breaths that are our last

we're full of pennies and lies
perhaps we could be more
but could we really be something more than a dance
you're my mystery
it's a lovely infinity

but never though it could come to this
all the world gives is peace
and i can see the stars
we're dying

break down and sigh your wish
it's not coming back
lost in the fire of could be
a place for you and me to die

and now the war is here
and i'm glad i'm with you
and we're all going to hell
but it'll be fun
take my hand
hold me close, valentine
take me with you

dying, asking, i don't want to go
there's one more dance to be had
one more kiss

weakness is a virtue
and so is strength
but i'm gonna pick the music for this one
there's time for this later
the wishes and wanting
when we return from the ashes
crawling up from the pits of never
we'll wake up alone
you're my lightening
my valentine

tears won't do anything
and i wish you well
but the coals are hot
and we're all going to hell
and you're Cinderella at the ball
not just that
you're an infinite all

it takes a blink to die
and a lifetime to live
and take my hand
dance this jig
be carefree and smile
five minutes to midnight
and all i care about

is my witching hour
hands in mine

(c) 2014