Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Than You Know

You remind me of
A nebula
All potential with no true edges
In the heart of the universe
You're a dream i had
Of a faceless man who posessed my heart
And kissed me gently in the dreary
In the rainy
In the sun drenched morning
You make my heart sing
You're an island in a world of things
That are not the best
My oasis
Far from shore
My nebula

You are something
That could be something
If fear were forgotten
But i am eternally afraid

I wish to ride the waves of time
With you, my bird
To watch you soar
To see the wind uplift you
And the pain of the has-been release you
I wish to hold you close
To live and love as you deserve
As i deserve
As the world turns on
I wish for you to be beside me

Roses on vines wither
Sunlight turns cold
Brooks dry down to pebbles
Waves crash them to sand on the shore
Footsteps follow footsteps
Towering trees still grow
Rivers feed the oceans
I love you more than you know

Fly away with me

(c) 2016