Wednesday, June 26, 2013


a tiny prism on your lashes
blinked into oblivion 
like a tear the size of a spider’s footprint
throwing rainbows on your cheeks
won’t you tell me what you’re thinking of
perchance the tiny raindrops misting down
faces in the rain, laughing and killing 
the uneven streets tripping your feet
tiny prisms throwing shapes 
a hint of a hand, of a finger or foot 
I see them severed in the rain suspended, 
droplets like blood, breathtaking, beautiful, a wall of mirage 
won’t  you tell me what you’re thinking of 
thus, so, the clouds rain down upon our heads 
images of terror, seen in the night 
bared to the light of day 
and so the clouds bleed upon us,
a tiny prism in your lashes 
throwing rainbows on your cheek, 
smallest speck of imagined blood 
I should welcome you to my madness and yet, 
the clouds are bleeding for the both of us

(c) 2013