Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Memory

The trees left bare by soft licks of wind
listlessly twirling in a gentle dance
 you remember, you forget, the world spins on
graying mist and timeless wonder
and a memory of caramel eyes
and all there is 
are dreams to chase, and holes to fill
and souls to mend, and wind to brush
gentle droplets from the clouds
falling, falling, to your brow
this murmur, softly spoken, in the dawn
carries a word
a fear
a song
a name built by the strokes of a pen
a chance for the past to come again
to be renamed
and lightly thought of as Lilith wreathed in roses
with clamoring angels sighing amen
and these are the thoughts
in a midnight mind
caressed by breezes
on a hill
listlessly turning in a gentle dance
remembering that all there is
are the droplets of light
in the misty moon
and a memory of caramel eyes

(c) 2014