Monday, January 28, 2013


lets dance in a whirlwind
leaves stirred in our passing,
tiny firefly lights
glowing gently, sweetly, softly,
in the dusk
we're only two, but that's all we need
all the world, and we're only two
dreaming the stars into the sky
shining, in our world

~for Christian~

Thursday, January 24, 2013


we could worry, for so long
about what our minds would think
should our lips speak

but let us live, these weary moments
when the world pauses


what would we be, such simplicity
oh what would we need

life among the clouds
underwater love...sipped slowly, an aperitif
the summer could shine us away
in this fog, as this fog
becomes us


(c) 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013


we're dreaming in the spring
of sighs and sorrows and songs we couldn't sing
could you ever understand,
the day you took my hand
why time moved so slowly, and the day never seemed to end
why the dreams we shared
cried out in an agony
when she came along?

oh what's-her-name, the vindictive thief
the dreamer of so many dreams
take him, take him, sweetest
I wish you well...I wish you ill
oh my love, how could you be so weak?

you have a sensual soul, waiting to come free
when can we sing together of our dreams
i dream of you in daylight, when there's nothing else but time
i sing those songs we couldn't sing that time
i gaze over a starlit city,
perhaps I'll change your mind

you don't want it...refusing
you crave it...curiosity
you have the heart to say no, but not the soul to say yes

perhaps my heart shouldn't skip a beat
when you look into my eyes
perhaps i should be stronger

oh my love I wish you well
oh my love I wish you ill
oh my love

(c) 2013