Monday, November 18, 2013


it's not the chains that bind
not the dark as it envelops
not the screams behind the prison walls
nor the singing in the church

it's not the ever-present movement
of time and tide and lives
not the creaking of the stairs
not the shaking of your head
not the no, frozen on your lips
not the blood on the floor

it's not the finality of days
when night comes, and the dark presses in
not a violation of peace
not a thread of hope
not a dream

it's not the cries of the young
when revelation pours in
not the desolation
not the cruelty
not the lack of humanity

it's just a condition, a clause if you will
all that is done, done again
undone, unraveled, unpicked
left alive, left broken
it's the curse of mankind
it's inevitable

(c) 2013