Saturday, May 18, 2013


i pour out my soul on paper
in words you've heard a thousand times
i want you to hear them
in a thousand different languages, sung to the sky
always for you
always for you
the years i've fled,
down the roads to hell
and the tears i've shed,
in remembrance of what i had
i've spent my years searching
always for you
always for you
it's not easy to explain,
but i'll try my best
when i chase a memory
when i gaze off into the distance
proclaim i think of nothing
it's never anything bad,
it's always you
always you
i had a castle in the sky
where i could sit and dream
always of you
i fell through the clouds
trying to change
realizing you love me as i am
and my tears should dry
it's all for you
all for you

(c) 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


they say that nothing comes from nothing
but i had nothing
nothing given, nothing gotten
emptiness and incarnadine
what is now, what was then
and all the in-betweens
i've made a mistake, then another and more
i've left my harbor, made for your shore
i've given up my nothing,
all i want is dreaming
i've looked in all the wrong places
but now i have you

they say that nothing comes from nothing
and everything is something
but i've been less than nothing, and evermore
but now i have you
give me a purpose, a deal
give me a truth, proof, feel
give me your heart for mine
in this emptiness and incarnadine
but now i have you
and i want nothing more
it's easy to forget, but not to forget
the past grips too tightly
but now i have you.

(c) 2013