Saturday, May 24, 2014

I Love It

I love it.
The intimate caress of flavors
Bathing my tongue
Drawing patterns in sweetness and salt
Crisp sourness and things more bitter than hate
Oranges and lemons, and the peelings of a grapefruit
Vanilla and chocolate and sin.
I love it.
I want to bathe in scents
Tender, blushing apple
Clean, sweet apricot
Create a symphony on my lips
Wash away the taste of air
With the wind on my face
And rain in my hair
I want to taste the thunder
I love it.

(c) 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Woman in Red

There’s a red clad woman dancing on the sidewalk
Her head is full of the glory of life
And she’s singing
Can’t you hear her singing?
She’s singing
Can’t you hear her sing?
People think she’s crazy
Her heart is burning, her head is pounding
Her eyes are full of liquid rage
How dare they, when they know nothing,
Criticize the life of someone they will never meet?
How dare they?
How dare they?

There’s a red clad woman dancing on the sidewalk,
Her head is full of screams
And she’s crying
Can’t you see her crying?
She’s crying
Can’t you see?
She feels alone in the world, her life over
She runs a blade across her skin
To let her horrors out
People think she’s sick
But they know nothing of her disease
She feels the wrath of a world alone
In solitude and mayhem
She wants freedom from her woes
She is on her own
How dare they?

There's a red clad woman singing in the rain
Her voice is soaring, soaring
And she's smiling
Can't you see her smiling?
She's smiling
Can't you see?
She's healing from her wounds
She can breathe again
She feels free from the pain she felt
People see her beauty, such beauty
They say she shines like the horizon
She feels like fire 
Aflame with dreams and passion
She has begun to sing anew
She is not alone
They dared to be kind
And she is saved

(c) 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Self Destruction

young blood, coursing though
innocent, soft red, pure
easily corrupted, changed
life always takes its toll
a push, a pull, forces
nailing our feet to the ground
heaping desires on the tender shoulders of youths
expectations, algorithms to determine
what we like, who we are, what we want
how we live
sickness is defined by freedom
freedom of thought makes us mentally ill
medicated, studied
our cries are silenced
our blood runs thick and dark
the innocence bled out

and so we self destruct-
we inflict pain on ourselves
cuts on our skin
marks showing the hell we're in
we grow up before our time,
jaded, unacknowledged, pained
seeking solace in self destruction
we remain alone
don't be different, don't dare
we claim equality, but are still persecuted
for our genders, for whom we love
deemed "too young" to know, we are "confused"
we've tasted our own blood from being struck
cried ourselves to sleep because of harsh words

and so we self destruct-
we've lost our innocence, it was taken
by a world where being honest about yourself
loving yourself, is treason
our youth, my generation, is destroyed
our youth, given over to degradation
told to grow up - they say they care
yet when you bring home the person you love
you are gone; your family closes the door
the locks are changed

and so we self destruct-
we don't have what we need
in a world that says we are equal
we are less than nothing
i fear for our children.

(c) 2014