Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Wanderer

these times are running on
sadly spoken by a thousand tongues
have you lost your sense of time,
down there in the darkness?

summertime is come and gone
down by the banks
there's nothing to be done
there's a boundary
i know your soul was kissed away

don't tell me it's all done
the dawn is broken
everyone's gone
you're my savior

pawns on a lightless board,
travel on, travel, on,
hope to change with the tide
the ocean's dry

my religion got kissed away
i can't wait for the next time
you're real to me
let me hold you

(c) 2012


in vino veritas
said the monk to the king
offered a goblet of dark red drink

in vino veritas
sang the spinster to her love
and sipped her last of the world above

in vino veritas
sighed the robber's bride
and breathed in slowly of the pale white in the barrel

(c) 2013


the night
the night's hold softens,
the delicate curve of a blade
glimmering in the twilight,
sharpened steel - tiny dagger
hammer stroke and anvil
hot as a furnace, cooler than kiln
stroking light, the finger of a lover
separates gently, skin from skin

the day
the day warms sundered flesh
the seeping wounds of nighttime
blessed by the evening dewy cold,
scabbed over, still bleeding...
sluggish now,
life on concrete, spilling out
pouring over, blades and words
cutting deeper, deeper
sever life from bone

(c) 2013