Thursday, September 27, 2012


i wake up proud
proud to be alive, proud to be happy
there's been so much heartbreak here
so much sorrow

it's been years since i've felt this way
completed, gentled, crazy
and maybe its because
whenever i close my eyes,
i remember you

maybe its because
when i close my eyes
i see you laughing
when i dream
i dream of your smile

what love is this?
to stand tall and strong
through so much betrayal
what love is this?
this love i have for you

it's like an album i have on repeat
but each song, familiar, is new
your touch, your laugh
you mock me with your kindness
you mock me with your laugh

someday maybe,
someday far from the here, the now,
someday my dreams
will become my reality

someday i'll fall asleep
to the sound of your heart
in your arms

(c) 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


lets ask why
whats the problem, sugar?
oh my sweet
what's got you down?
grain by grain your joy
is trickling down the waterfall
dissolving into inertia
into everything

lets ask why
my bird, whats wrong?
your feathers are ruffled in discontent
you're free and your laugh is song
but whats wrong?
whats wrong?

lets ask why
my feelings are yours
my heart hurts and my eyes weep
my soul, my dear, my life
i haven't heard a peep
from your heart
from your lips

lets ask why
i feel so slow, so sad
i feel like i'm crying out with my mind
can you hear me my sweet?
can you hear me my love?
my dove?
can you hear me?

lets ask why
where are you
these tears are hot and fresh on my cheeks
my heart aches from misery
is it something from your history?
my darling
lets ask why

(c) 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012


hey, hey girl
take my hand
lets have the time of our lives
pick up our feet
pick up your feet
lets dance
its a dark night and the music's loud
such love-these beats make my heart sing
and my feet fly
come now darling!
breathe this air with me
lets sing with our motion
hold my hand
let me spin you, let me make you fly
turn baby turn
swish your hips and dance
show off doll
you're a graceful girl
let this beat carry you
carry you in my arms
lets fly
pick up your feet
let me spin you round and round
lets fly baby lets scream out to the world with motion
you have a song in your ears
a laugh in your throat
a smile on your lips
and a dance, this dance, trembling in your toes
lets fly

(c) 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012


turmoil of a gentle kind
maybe its a chaos of butterfly wings
like a heathen on a pyre
so what if there are screams and death
for what is there common sense
these norms chain us
lets be a cult of two
him. you.
one to stand at the stake
one to light the fire
singing praise god
singing praise god
singing praise god
cleansed, and the ash falls like snow
renewed. saved-
this pyre purifies
and this heathen
his sins are waived
praise god

(c) 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012


she walks gracefully
uncurling, dancing on the air
with the earth beneath her feet

she dances like  a sylph
pilfering the hearts from our breasts
she's a diva, she's a minx

she sings like an angel
pours her heart out in her voice
such sadness here
she's like a dynamo
she's erotic

she is the ultimate thief
she takes away our realities
replaces them with her own
such a sick and twisted mindscape
she'll laugh when we scream
she's magic

she has no conscience
she takes and takes and takes
raking us over the coals for giving

she has no name
but she beguiles us
she has no rhyme or reason
but she can
so she does  

she runs like the wind
she laughs like crystalline song
she's beautiful but she hates herself
she hates everything  that makes her desirable
she's a mystery
even to herself

she knows herself intimately,
and she knows herself figuratively
she is her own best friend
and her dreams are of passion's ashes

she knew what to say once
now she doesnt
now she's afraid to say
afraid to ask, afraid to know
but she desires knowledge
thirsts for it like water
she's too bold to be shy
too shy to be bold
she's a contradiction
she's erotic
she's a dancer

her words are cautious
and nobody knows who she really is
she's an enigma
an ethos
she's an influence on life
but she's afraid

she wishes she were beautiful
in mind as well as body
like the curling steam from a glass of jasmine tea
she wishes she were beautiful

she wants to be loved
not an object, not wanted
she's a seductress
she's sad

(c) 2012



walking through the grass
let this moment last
a fall morning, dewy webs
trees that whisper in the misty dawn
I walk, barefoot

there's a foggy scent to the air
an old-leaf scent
an end-of-summer smell

its a peaceful sort of longing
a sweeping, gentle, breath
often it reminds me
in a sad sort of way,
of summer's death

but all things past
have passed
but will they come again
or will they remain
a blushing springtime dalliance

thoughts of times gone
linger with the dew
under the eternal atmosphere

i whisper to the empty air
of hopes and wishes
if a single person heard me, perhaps.
perhaps it could happen

the dawn
it blushes
like a gentle innocent
and the dew is cold on my ankles

lying in the cradling branches of a tree
i dream softly, gazing at the clouds
the scarlet grey clouds

a spider lazily spins her web
and the fog kisses it gently
settling cool diamonds
on the tiny threads

(c) 2012


Thursday, September 20, 2012


in the shade
in the shadows' dappled grey
in the meandering of the wind
and the foggy light of dawn,

on the glassy rippled streams
of time and time and memory's words
there to ponder, pause and think
sit and weary

(c) 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


now about death
such a hodge podge of little words
no meaning but meaning much
blackness or light
brimstone or honey
differences and sameness

lets define it now
we live by living and die when thats over
we live by dying in a way
so lets run and dance and sing for the devil
we're going to die anyway

give me honey give me fire
give me light or deepest desire
i have no want for brightness or sweet
save the sweet sweet pain of lust
so lets dance for the devil
a vicious burlesque

have fun with a life of verve and sin
what more could we ask
but to live?

(c) 2012

    Thursday, September 13, 2012


    i ask not for forgiveness
    for i have but liv'd as i saw fit
    but i ask only one thing
    and let that be all
    one thing, one wish, one cry

    these dreams of red, of blood and death
    oh lawd i have but one wish
    oh lawd i am a hardened sinner
    oh lawd i have sinned

    this life of mine
    from birth to breath
    has been one sin at a heartbeat
     has been but a hell upon this world

    until a face until a breath until a word
    what word but my name
    what breath but yours
    but your face
    is hidden in my mind

    oh lawd i have one wish
    one thing, one cry
    oh lawd i have sinned
    and lawd, i do not regret
    for each sin had its purpose
    and to us you gave free will
    oh lawd i have one wish

    one wish one wish
    praise be to dreams
    for what hope do we have in reality

    oh lawd this is my wish
    that his memory is but a reality
    a love i cannot obtain
    but still desire
    oh lawd this is my wish
    to desire and recieve
    for this love is long waiting
    caged and ne'er freed
    oh lawd grant me this wish
    this hope this dream this plea
    oh lawd

    (c) 2012


    Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    Angel Demon

    when the devil plays the piano
    when the devil sings
    and cries, this monster, fabled
    sheds brimstone tears
    or maybe he has been, himself, decieved
    falling from grace
    he was god's best friend

    betrayal, what betrayal
    who's betrayed
    who was the perpitrator of this fall from grace

    was it him was it him who could it be

    who is crying while the devil sings

    this haunting hurtful melody
    angel, demon
    each weep tears of golden fire

    lucifer, your piano is burning
    the keys are melting, the strings are blackened
    what music now but damned wailing

    (c) 2012

    Sunday, September 2, 2012

    Street Thoughts

    the streets, lit by soft halogen glow
    lined in apartments, houses,
    old and new
    the people march through their lives

    the softly dim back alleys
    empty and foreboding
    trodden warily, even in daylight
    it's like a hungry beast,
    shadowy, waiting to snap you up

    they're like capillaries, venules
    taking and giving
    people are the lifeblood
    moving, moving, it's like an anthill

    runs down the streets and thoroughfares
    tracked on the shoes of countless beings
    the wings of pidgeons beat a heavy staccato
    counting steps and seconds,

    the sea lingers here, by the shoreline
    under the bridge, there are people
    old or young
    they're the poisoned, they're the beggars
    hopeless masses

    there's a shimmery dimness, collected on the sidewalks
    a frosty dimness, a chilly, sparkling, dimness
    it sets an ache to the bones
    these thousands of footprints, phosphorescent in midnight
    gleam wetly in the sea-mist

    its raining here, and the rain is splashing a tune
    the clouds are black below a sky that reflects
    the colors of the universe
    the rain is washing the sidewalks
    washing the buildings and the passing cars

    it will disappear with the dawn
    it will leave behind the scent of old petrol and wet concrete
    city scents
    street thoughts

    (c) 2012