Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nighttime Scatter

diamonds in a velvet sky
nighttime scatter on the air
how does the world compare
midnight and blue on my tongue
thoughtless madness in the rain
come meet me in the endless forever
when the spiral eyes of cigarette smoke
watch palely from above
black dipped cotton clouds
streetlamp halos and lapping ocean
cat's tongue waves
scattered nighttime steps
stumble on, stumble on
i'm in love with the moments
of wet grass and earth after rain
with bitter black morning sweetness
and caramel laughter
soft twilit dawn, gulls fly over
nighttime scattered thoughts
only on the center line
crossing an empty street
picture perfect kisses
streetlamp halos and lapping ocean
cat's tongue waves
hilltop clifftops, sand finds a way
salt water wash away the breezes
come meet me in the endless forever
of birdsong and thrumming, humming motion
how does the world compare
with midnight and blue on my tongue
a fire that won't smother
orange peel laughter
and coffee madness
hello stranger

(c) 2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Is It So Bad, To Want?

i want to kiss a constellation
in a borrowed moment
on your brow
don't worry
don't fret
i just want to say hello
in the tenderest way i know how
but i never do want to say goodbye
this is me
this is me
and all of me, it's true
what i want seems to not matter
to me
or perhaps my tongue trips over the words
you know the truth is hard to tell
truth of what i want
and that's my fear
i just want to kiss a constellation
in a borrowed moment
on your lips
tell you my passion in touches
beg for you to stay
trust me, darling, i'm afraid
because i want you to be
in this ocean of opportunity
near me
and that
is what is
is it so bad, to want?
to wake with desire
for simple tender touches
and the smiles you give
please don't run
i'd miss you

(c) 2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Million Scarlet Roses

we are a million scarlet roses
tumbling lightly on heady winds
through poppy fields
and pale skies
soft light giving shadowy depth
to silky petals
kiss of light upon a blossom
all the edens of the earth could not compare
to the dust devil wilderness
of the throat of a rose
we are
we are
we are of the world
a million scarlet roses
heads tossing in the winds
give breath to all that is
wake up
fall for the stars and breathe the moonbeams
ache for rain and pine for sunlight
soft kisses on petals made of satin
love given by all that's good
life, tenuous and faulty
keep your head up
no matter the evening pale, the dark
the swallowing shade
the sun arises
we are
we are a million scarlet roses
tumbling lightly in heady breezes
an ocean alive with potential
endless in the motes of soft wind
in a dust devil wilderness
filled with such pure

(c) 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Scattered Thoughts

touch like sunlight
inviting, clear skies
breathless in breezes
luck, lady luck
how you have blessed
this little dewdrop

feel like sunlight
freedom to be awake
in an inverted world



i am

dissolving into light
this warmth
this creation of memory
wholly new

say my name
i remember
a reminder
i want



i see

your touch like sunlight
pure energy
catching, holding, caring

i feel your
through disjointed
unable to focus
expanse of consciousness

sunlight, like water
whet the wanting
i could drink you
simple contact
rain on a desert
there's more than just

drink me
i am the ocean
you the sky
falls the rain

(c) 2015