Sunday, May 29, 2011


if ever there was a hope in my heart
it would glitter in the dawn
and refract the color of the clouds
I would be just another bright spot on this planet
I would shine-a god in brightness if nothing else
for I can  see river-water cascading into my eyes
subtle as if singing and the dawn breaks
snaps in two and gives over to the night
swallow me up into the night-soaked walls of stone and lustre
I am like bamboo...I bend but never break
and the light cannot touch where I rule
and the dawn covers the world of blood and fury with  a gold leaf
shining shining and goes out
can't you see the pearl in the snake's mouth
can't you taste the tears
can't you smell the lily-rose that soothes your fear
don't go, don't stay, don't fear me
run if you dare but there's no escape and I'll find you
caves and bats and birds and you can't find a place to hide

(c) 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011


dancing in a maelstrom of fireflies
don't stop me
on a cliff watch a bird a hollow charred shell of a lightning tree
feel the stone beneath the moss
the sky is a mirror
rain in the night
can you see me falling
for the hidden moon?

(c) 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011


blazing roaring demolitions
the demons are paying their calls.

they pillage and plunder
they boil and burn
they cook you in hellfire

they are coming through the ice
they will sit on your door-stoop
beware of the night
they are coming

you can see their eyes like red-black stars
pitch black
fear smells like citrus

(c) 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

curchbells cry

There is a hole in the heart of the world
pouting lips and crying eyes
there is a hole in the heart of the bride
pouring out her love
there is a wound in the flesh of the songbird
its bleeding
so save it
wrap it an a blanket-nest and hide it in your heart-wound to heal
make it live and live again and live yourself while you can
run and jump from turret and bell-tower
sing your heart out as you fall
pouting lips and crying eyes
don't be afraid to try and fly
I would, too-but I'm too far gone
I'm the clock ticking/ticking
hear me cry-it sounds like churchbells.

(c) 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011


catch me.
I am falling
catch  me and do not let me go
I'll grant you a wish of promise
or a gift of starry gold.
catch me
I am falling
catch me
I am calling begging screaming help me
catch me
cradle me
carry me away
in the star-moon-birdcall
catch me.

(c) 2011

little spider

You sit on my wall,
I can look into your eyes
I can see you laughing at this human
I can see you ready your silken lasso to catch me
I hear you singing
I'll catch you in a jar
walk you back into the forest
and spin you a misty web in a cedar.

(c) 2011