Sunday, April 24, 2011


walk with me-through the world of light
take me with you-run from
the night-you are inveloped.

you are a dream. 
you are forgotten. 
like a dance
or a sleepwalking specter 
just walk with me 
and run with me
from this sleeping serpent
don't get caught in his coils
save me.
dream with me.
run from me.
fly with me.

lets run from this dream
into the clouds
and up the ladder of stars
we can find a dream anew
and run among the souls flying
in that airless, darkest void.

carry me away-
take like a thief in the night
and I'll return the favor

lets dance in this void
lets dance with these souls-
I'll kiss you in the 

I'll chase you through a nebula-
you have stardust in your hair

we'll orbit eachother
and dance without touching.

you're my string theory-
my parallel universe.
you're the dark side of my moon.

but what am I to you?

(c) 2012

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Take a walk in my forest
Taste my rain-drops
Tell me secrets
I won't let them go

Take a walk in my forest
See my greening in the spring
Hear birds sing in my branches
They live here

Take a walk in my forest
Brush aside tall fronds
Of trailing fern

Oh Take a walk in my forest
Step softly and listen to the music of the silence
Breathe in the sweet scent of my earthy perfume
Lie back on soft pillows of moss
And watch the clouds
And catch the raindrops dripping from my leaves

(c) 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pearl tears

pearls fall like tears from your eyes
its just your way of crying
misunderstood is a factor of you. 
the rare flower is more beautiful-
the green of its petals more refined than a brittle rose-
a flower rare is more loved
but yet more overlooked.
your pearl-tears-shed them not, rare flower,
for more love you than you know...

(c) 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

the monster

it looked through the window
salivating at the passersby
its many legs akimbo
like a spider intertwined with a fly
its many eyes stared glassily
with much discontent
at the sun beating down on its strange head
a night creature by default it looked askance
at this bright orb
this well of fire...
it jumped from the window, a shattering blast
of bulletproof glass
it ran on many spindly legs
to the coolness under a bridge...

 (c) 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011


I feel the wind brush my face

         a caress delicate as a  blushing rose's sunset-gilded bloom

   shatter glass silence

                         end bubble calm

                                   with a whisper of song-like whistle
       of breeze through trees

(c) 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

On Mist...

On mist-frilled carpets

Of gentle Ivy-weave

Gray-black tiny vixens

Chase their midnight tails

When a pineapple breeze whispers

Ruffles the gray-black fur

And midnight sighs

Breathe in the rot of maple leaves

And trees round Ivy twines

Potent with lucid inky dark

Vixen sighs of unsung whispers

Vixen sleeps and dreams

Vixen runs and flies on midnight wings

Vixen laughs and floats away on a misty breeze

Vixen sees you watching

At the night’s twelfth chime

On cracked church-bells

That time’s kiss has weakened



………….Love of a…


(c) 2011