Tuesday, February 26, 2013


gentle, sugar, step soft
the stars could break
walk slow, angel
you never know what's beneath your feet
what you see, what i see
running, running by us still
flowing into a thousand shapes
step soft...the stars could break
oh my angel how you fly
all the seams of time fractured
past and present mingle
spending the rest of my life in my head
lost, i'm lost, walk soft
the stars could shatter

(c) 2013

Two Minds

tumbling dancers
in reds and blacks
gyrating and impossibly twisted
twisted not unlike the hearts of mankind

movement in the glow of streetlamps
your footsteps echo on the silent cobbles
tiny stones displaced, clatter
walking, walking,

the music in the background
pulsing to the silent rhythm in your bones
shambling steps follow, follow, follow

i love you, perhaps
so much loneliness in the room
my dark corner, full of ancient cries
echo, echo, echo...stop

the dancers
sliding and bending
whirling on the ballroom floor
entwined and moving
but simply together

(c) 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013


haunting me, this graveyard
bone-yard, when mass is over
walking like a wraith
dreams repentant

talking in my sleep,
falling down the rabbit hole,
wake up, Alice

the price paid, and paid
for something i never did
why to be so punished
and made to cry

this nightmare grips me tight
a punishment in my own mind
please no, please no, please,
i swear i didn't!

the drums are beating
dance, girl, dance
MOVE girl move
shake those hips and make me proud

hypnotized, laid bare,
this nightmare kisses my lips with screams
and still it holds me tight
let me go, let me go,
wake up, Alice

(c) 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013


i notice i don't breathe much
air rushing in
so slowly, aching
shallow as a thread of water
trickling down a stone

i notice i don't breathe much
save for those times
when i must
gasping, pulling
that sweet, sweet liquid

i notice i don't breathe much
but when i need
that molecule elixer
to smooth the way
in, out, in, out,

(c) 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Time

my time
my time, now and forever
what more and what less?
my time
my time spent like a penny for a song
over and over, the jar's half full
my time,
my time, given, given over to you
for joys so brief and a smile
my time
a penny for a song, my hope
my hope that wavers like a tiny flame
waiting for an errant breeze to snuff it out
my time
have you ever fought with blades?
swords crossed, repost, lunge
my time is the tip of an epee
flicking, flicking, hitting targets
my time
my words kiss like that metal blade
thoughtless, thoughtless, unthinking,
choking back and spitting out
fire to save matches
and i meant no harm
but dealing poison thorns
the cost is just too much
goodbyes and sorrows
not thinking is just too hard
perhaps it's time
to surrender
to my time

(c) 2013


i had a vision
of a lie
twisting agony and
burning glory
i only weep at goobyes
when i feel despair
when i care too much
and let me tell you

i had a vision
of goodbye
twisted in a misty haze
and by all gods
i cried

i had a vision
in a dream
of sighs and suffering
bent and broken souls

i know my vision
weeping silent
was of a thread
it's a chance
not going to happen
so now i'll cry
of joy

(c) 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013


yesterday, oh yesterday
that time of hidden, far off memories
this and that stuck far away
we left our love in yesterday

your love is like a hand-me-down
she sings of nothing true
anger replenished in silences
yesterday, oh yesterday
perhaps all the years of yesterdays

open wide, open wide, let me inside
dry your eyes on the fabric of yesterday
what was lost, ressurected
and driven through the times

it's a wild love i feel, hidden
buried in concrete and bone
unbidden it rises, forcing my words
crying out what it desires
it fills my yesterdays

(c) 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


sharp as needles on soft skin
soft as silk and satin's drape
close as atoms within a heartbeat
delightful in its gentleness

us and them

slipping under your skin
thoughtless as a mockingbird
that word you use

old news

there was a pain in the heart
tight and lethal
unknown and unwelcome

never again

sharp as knives against fingertips
soft as a kitten's breath
close as electrons circling a nucleus
delightful in its innocence

us and them

slipping past the barriers
tearing down your walls
amber brick by tiny pearl

old history

there was a moment where nothing mattered
empty and soulless
undesired and unasked


sharp as thorns against the wrist
soft as velvet
close as muscle fibers knit
sweet in its inexperience

us and them
old demons from the past
trust me

(c) 2013

Saturday, February 9, 2013


roller coasters, but simple
walking back and forth in a mind
searching for the reason
my treason hanging darkly
a has-been, i suppose
parking meters, crying eyes
taking down the time till it's all cut off

i've been a blind fool before
taking, testing, waters of fooled
but not this

it was reflexive, a simple phrase
but it snowballed and not unfixable,
shattered past the point
someone could be screaming and i couldn't hear them
oversimplified to wake up
to feel alright
to know that, hey it's all fixed
to realize that i could have been happier

but now, this trust i set into a stranger
this mediocre wall of i can'ts and hidden wants
it hid too well and now

now i suppose it's done

turning back time isn't something that happens here
no matter how hard we wish it could
that's a thing of storybooks we outgrew
that's not the sighs of weeping girls in the nighttime
that's just bare reality

(c) 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


are you trusting me
with your heart, that kind heart
i've spent days by the window
dreaming of your eyes

i won't do what i'm told
i won't keep you safe because you want it
i won't help you through the storm
but i'll be a rock you can cling to
but i'll never let you go

are you trusting me
but what now, weary days
stretching past and a bright spark
bathing in the sunlight
moths and flames

i can't give you everything
i can't sink their ships for you
i can't help you live
but i'll be the reef they run aground on
but i'll hold you close

i'm scarred and scared
eager to know what's real
a frightened rabbit in the bushes
startled by a snapping twig

i've learned my lessons
i've done my time
i've dreamed of the world outside my mind
but still i love

(c) 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013


they're the ghosts, in the houses
misty...out of focus in a dream
a half moon dream

they wail in the light
letting go, sighing in dissolution

we are the ghosts, in the houses
dreaming, our own worlds dissolved
that one sound above all

coupling dark with light, transforming
black to grey

spinning into the sun, an impulse

electromagnetism, attraction, desire
outside the fire, within but without
vicariously living, breathing

we are the ghosts, in the waters
troubled, sinking down in our sorrows

what is? what is?
what is true?

(c) 2013