Saturday, November 22, 2014

Electric Ashes

A long time ago I was adrift
I was that hopeless girl with no direction
That was my truth

A long time ago I thought I was alone
I was a single atom among unknowable numbers
I was going to die alone
And all it did was get worse

I settled to a rhythm
I was a pale form of myself
I was a simple fairy tale in the wrong book

I was but ashes

My heart whispered to me
Open Sesame
And of a sudden I could see
My feet were carrying me along
And I don't want to lie
But I felt like I was flying
Down an escalator in a crowded hall

I suppose you could say that I was asleep
And the sound of water woke me
And the crazy green blood of a new dawn
So stop the world

All I want to say
Is written down in dust on a hundred thousand pages
Take the words from the air and speak them anew
But I don't want to tell the truth
Because in all these years the world has spun on
So I suppose you could say that I'm afraid

Last night I stood onstage
I was breathing the world around me
I was alive
I could feel the rightness in the world
I put it down to nerves
But the tingle that ran through me was electric

So when I wake up, and with a quilt and cocoa
And I want to watch the snow
Take a breath of the icy air
Listen to the silence

The silence speaks more words than I ever could
Not in a thousand lifetimes
Or with a million books

Every flake of icy white that falls
Says a few words
They say,

(c) 2014