Sunday, April 27, 2014


where have i failed?
this long march, and blood on my hands
rivers of regret
tag-teaming my mind
overwhelming in their anger

where have i failed?
failed myself, forming thoughts of lifeless languor
i'm falling

where have i failed?
time and tide against me
and all the marches of man and master
i must go on
through each moment

but where did i go wrong?
sitting alone for so long
have i forgotten how to cry?
has this anger at the past consumed me,
left me a husk of tears unshed
that is how i feel

where have i failed?
my honey words desert me,
tears cannot fall
but my mind screams
where did i go wrong?

(c) 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cobblestone dances

i'd love to see you wreathed in light
kissed by dawn, or late at night, the moon
i want to watch you come undone
and let the shadows wreath the sun
so let me look into your eyes
dancing, in the town square
freedom in footsteps on cobbles past midnight
gentle thrumming beats pounding in heart shaped kisses on the back of your hand
simple gown, transparent, effervescent
swirling in patterns that echo dreams
beautiful, serene.
cloudless skies look on in wonder; never could the stars outshine
never could the moon ponder in all its years
your beauty, that delicate glow
wreathed in a breathtaking alacrity you sigh
and the music sweeps us away
kinetic, jump and twirl, hardly notice the hours
blind to the world
to watch us come undone
while the moon looks on in wonder
let me look into your eyes

(c) 2014