Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ocean Moments

I sit
To watch the waves lap,
Shadowy water brushing glass-littered shore
Listen to the gulls converse
Perfect stranger sitting
Unknown music in your ears
Pen chasing words on a page

Step from rock to stone
Over water
I recognize you as someone
Shaded eyes linger
Do you see me?

Calm in the midst of noise
Rhythm beaten by the push
The pull
Of gravity
The lunar tides
Rocks to sand
Shells to powder
The gulls call a conversation
The spray kisses the air

Teenage girls, freed from classrooms
Sharing a cigarette on the sand
Smoke and wavelets
Soft breezes carry noises
The him of life

Leave a heart in beach glass
To be carried away by the water
And the old ship
Rusting in its disuse
Time changes the world
An endless entropic dance

(c) 2015

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